How Hike One uses Homerun to put candidate experience front and center while receiving up to 300 applications per job post.

Homerun gives the structure and tools to make the right decisions all while giving candidates a positive experience.

Roderick Trompert

Roderick Trompert
Happy Hikers circle lead

David van Duinen

David van Duinen
Sales circle lead

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The right nudges to help create a great candidate experience

Before Homerun: Candidates were kept waiting for a reply.

Previously, hiring at Hike One was reactive. A good application would come in and an interview was scheduled. As this candidate moved forward in the interview process more applications would roll in and more first interviews had to be planned. This meant that the first candidate was kept waiting for next steps and updates on their application. "We wanted to improve this to ensure a better experience for our candidates when applying at Hike One."

With Homerun: Candidate's first Hike One experience is a positive one.

Homerun makes it easy for Hike One to reply to candidates quickly. The overview of candidates and the reply reminders are the gentle nudging that helps to make sure candidates get the attention they deserve. "The time we save with Homerun we use to write personal messages to our candidates. Sometimes we have to disappoint candidates when we've decided not to move forward with them and it pays to give them a personal response. With Homerun we actually have the time to do this".

Screenshot of Homerun dashboard explaining part of the hiring process

The first reply status tells you which candidates are still waiting for a reply to their application.
This image is an example and does not contain real candidate info.

David van Duinen

"When it's very busy, candidates waiting for a reply are sometimes overlooked, but Homerun gives us gentle nudges that keep us on track."


The tools to evaluate candidates as objectively as possible

Before Homerun: Applications scattered over email threads.

When Hike One was a team of 10 people the amount of applications per job post were of a different order of magnitude. Now they get up to 300 applications per job post, meaning it's impossible to efficiently evaluate each one when they come in by email. "That would be a day job in itself."

With Homerun: The structure makes it easier for Hike One to make difficult choices.

Having candidates apply through an apply form is easy and pleasant for them and it makes it much simpler for Hike One to compare applications and evaluate more objectively. Hike One uses the star rating feature in Homerun to help make decisions. "When a candidate has 4 stars it means they are automatically invited for an interview. The structure of Homerun facilitates us in making the right choices quickly and as objectively as possible."

In Homerun you can review with ease by rating with stars.
This image is an example and does not contain real candidate info.


The dedicated career page gives us the freedom to show who we are as a company

The career page we've built in Homerun gives candidates a good first impression of the company.

"We are actively working on our employer branding and it's great to have this dedicated place to creatively show who we are."

Hike One uses a mix of job blocks like the photo gallery block and client block. Together they tell the Hike One story. Have a look at Hike One's career page here.

Hike One career page

Hike One's career page with custom font, brand colours and images.