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Job interviewing: A complete guide

Job Interviewing: A complete guide

A modern guide to stepping up your job interviewing game.

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If you Google ‘job interviewing’, lots of tips for candidates will appear, but not so many for the people on the other side of the table. So where do you find all you need to know to nail a job interview from an employer’s perspective? Right here, that’s where.

But before you get started, please bear one thing in mind. This job interviewing guide shares a process that applies to every company, but the details for your hiring process should always be worked out by you and your team. After all, that’s who the winning candidate will come and work with. Make your hiring process personal and you'll make it much better. Good luck!

What you'll learn

Over the course of three chapters we’ll show you all you need to master the art of job interviewing:


Before the interview
How to successfully prepare an interview with your team in 11 steps.


During the interview
How to conduct a productive and insightful interview in 7 steps.


After the interview
How to ensure the right result after the interview in 3 steps.

Value fit
Pre screen

A hiring process example

Employer Branding
Job Interviewing: A complete guide

The importance of great
job interviewing

A good job interviewing process will not only lead you to the right hire, but keep everyone happy, even the people you have to turn down. That's the thing about the job interview process, its impact extends much further than the hire at the end.

As job interviews are so important, people share their experiences of them with their friends, family and anyone who will listen - and as we often remind ourselves, the world is small and reputations are long. How you handle everything from the first invite to the final call will affect how people inside and outside your company perceive your Employer Brand.

So if you do everything you can to make the entire job interviewing process clear, personal, honest and engaging, you’ll become an employer that your candidates and their networks will want to work for even more.


Hire better candidates

A good job interviewing process will give you a clearer idea of what to look for during interviews and lead you to the right person.


Stronger employer brand

A well-structured job interviewing process will help establish your reputation as a company with a great candidate experience.


It helps
avoid bias

Well-trained job interviewers protect your company from unintentional discrimination which results in better hires.


Before the job interview

After you’ve reviewed all the applications with your hiring team (the people with whom you’re responsible for filling this specific job opening) and made a final selection, it’s time to start job interviewing! The more preparation you do, the better the results you’ll get in the interview.


During the job interview

After you’ve prepared your team, process and candidates, it’s time to start the job interviewing! Here's how to conduct a productive and insightful interview in 7 steps.


After the job interview

After you and your hiring team have finished job intreviewing all of the candidates it's time to make up your mind and ensure your team makes the right decisions. Here's how to ensure the best results after the interview.

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