How Dopper uses Homerun to build long term connections with candidates.

Homerun has allowed Dopper to hire as a team as they build genuine relationships with their candidates.

Isabel Machielse

Isabel Machielse
People & Culture Coordinator

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is a Dutch brand that produces reusable water bottles with the mission of putting single-use plastic water bottles out of business.


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Receiving many applications is not a problem in Homerun's clear overview

Before Homerun: The email inbox was overflowing with open applications.

Since Dopper is a well-loved brand, a lot of people are eager to join the team to contribute to Dopper's mission of ridding the world of single-use plastic. This means that they receive A LOT of open applications. In Isabel's words, "before we used Homerun, the inbox was overflowing with open applications. This made it really difficult to save these open applications for future use. It also wasn't exactly a GDPR friendly process, so we had to do it differently."

With Homerun: All open applications are saved in a clear overview that functions as a kind of talent pool.

Now Dopper has a permanent job opening called "open application" on their Homerun career page. When new candidates apply, they receive an automatic response that lets them know that they'll be contacted if a position opens up that could be a fit for them. "This way we can manage expectations and we don't have to worry about whether candidates are getting a reply. We're also able to fill open jobs with this talent pool we've created with the open applications. In Homerun we can tag each candidate so that when a new job opens up we can easily see if we already have any candidates that could be a fit. We've been able to fill roles this way."

Screenshot of Dopper career page

An "open application" job opening allows Dopper to build a talent pool.

Isabel Machielse

"I can't imagine that people are able to keep an overview of their hiring without a system like Homerun."


Tools to build valuable relationships with candidates

Dopper also uses Homerun to build and nurture authentic connections with their candidates. "We get a lot of repeat candidates and it's extremely valuable for us to be able to look back at their previous application process and be reminded of their qualities and the reasons we were or were not able to move forward with them. This information is all stored in candidate notes in Homerun. This allows us to offer a bespoke process to these candidates, which they always really appreciate.

Isabel Machielse

"We're able to offer candidates
a personal hiring process with Homerun."

Screenshot of Homerun email template

In a clear candidate overview you can keep track of repeat candidates.


Hiring is a shared responsibility of the whole Dopper team

If we didn't have Homerun, our recruitment process would be chaos especially because we involve multiple team members in the hiring process." Dopper involves 2 to 3 people per new job opening. Isabel oversees the process but is able to take a back seat since she shares responsibility with hiring managers. "You don't need to be a pro in HR or even in Homerun to be able to use it. It's so easy that anyone in the team can figure it out. Anyone can easily create a job post or find what they need in the candidate overview."

Isabel Machielse

"You don't have to work in HR to do recruitment because Homerun makes it simple for everyone."

Example of the Kanban style overview page with candidates and stages.