Interview availability email templates to improve your hiring process

Looking to streamline your hiring process while also creating a really nice, positive candidate experience? We have two interview availability email templates to help you do just that.

We all know that time is of the essence when it comes to hiring. That's why we've created two customizable templates to help hiring managers learn a candidate's interview availability and gently nudge them for a response if they haven't received one within a certain timeframe.

Add these templates to your hiring tool or email client and get ready to set up your interviews with ease!

Hiring managers and recruiters: 5 key elements to include in an interview availability email

  1. A clear subject line 👀 – Begin with a concise and informative subject line that grabs the candidate's attention and clearly indicates the purpose of the email, such as "Interview Availability for [Position] at [Company Name]."
  2. Time slot options 🕦 – Give a range of available time slots for the interview, allowing candidates to choose the most convenient option for them. Clearly list the dates, times and any additional details, such as the interview format (in-person, phone, video call) and the duration of the interview.
  3. Instructions for response ✍️ – Clearly communicate how and when you want them to respond. Specify whether candidates should reply directly to the email, use a scheduling tool or contact a certain person to confirm their availability. Encourage candidates to respond promptly to lock in their preferred interview slot.
  4. Question about accommodations 🦽 Applicants who are neurodivergent and/or have physical disabilities may require some additional information or adjustments for the interview. To ensure an inclusive interview process, be sure to ask about accommodations and prepare for them in advance. This helps everyone to feel welcome and gives all candidates an opportunity to succeed.
  5. Contact info 📧 – Share your contact details, including name, title and email address or phone number (whichever way you prefer to be contacted). This allows candidates to reach out if they have any questions, need to reschedule or get further clarification regarding the interview process.

While it's important to include relevant information in your interview availability email, keep it concise and focused on the essential details to ensure clarity and avoid overwhelming the candidate with too much information. Remember, you can always share more in your interview confirmation email.

Now, onto the templates! 👇

Interview availability email template for hiring managers

Use this template to set up a job interview with candidates, offering them a range of convenient time slots to choose from. This ensures a smooth and efficient scheduling process for hiring managers and contributes to an overall positive candidate experience.

Subject line: Interview Availability for [Position] at [Company Name]

Hi [Candidate's First Name],

Thank you for your interest in the [Position] role at [Company Name]. We were impressed with your application and would like to invite you for an interview so we can tell you more about the role and learn more about you!

We have several available time slots for the interview:

• [Date and Time]

• [Date and Time]

• [Date and Time]

If none of these work for you, please let us know your availability between [Date Range] so that we can all find a convenient alternative. The interview will take approximately [Length of Time] and will be conducted [in person/on the phone/via video call].

To confirm your availability, please reply directly to this email by [Deadline] with your preferred time slot and we will send you a confirmation email with more details about the interview. If you have questions or any accommodation requests, feel free to reach out to me at [Your Email Address/Phone Number].

The hiring process has a lot of moving parts, so we recommend you respond as soon as possible to lock in your preferred interview slot! We look forward to speaking to you and getting to know you better.

All the best,
[Your Name and Job Title]

[Your Email Signature]

Copy text

Interview availability nudge template for hiring managers

This email template both politely and empathetically reminds candidates about the interview availability request they may have missed or overlooked while also acknowledging their busy schedules. New to hiring? A nudge email is all part of the plan to foster a positive candidate experience and keep the hiring process moving along smoothly.

Subject line: Gentle Reminder: Interview Availability for [Position] at [Company Name]

Hi [Candidate's First Name],

I hope this email finds you well. We recently sent an email about your interview availability for the [Position] role at [Company Name], and we wanted to reach out again in case it got lost in your inbox or ended up in your Spam folder.

We understand that life can get busy and that other commitments may have taken precedence. We value your time and want to ensure that you have every opportunity to schedule the interview at a convenient time for you!

To provide you with flexibility, we are happy to offer you the following time slots for the interview:

• [Date and Time]

• [Date and Time]

• [Date and Time]

If none of these work for you, please let us know your availability between [Date Range] so that we can find a convenient alternative.

We genuinely appreciate your interest in joining our team, and we understand that unexpected circumstances or conflicting priorities may arise. If you require any accommodations or have any concerns regarding the interview process, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to support you.

We kindly ask that you respond within the next [two/three] days, as we are finalizing our interview schedule. Your reply will help us ensure a smooth and efficient process for everyone involved.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

[Your Name and Job Title]

[Your Email Signature]

Copy text

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Next steps for setting up the interview

Once you've received a response from candidates about their interview availability, you'll send a brief interview confirmation email with additional information to prepare them for the interview.

Hiring email templates like the ones above help you save time, ensure a seamless and efficient interview process and take the headaches out of hiring. Just pop these templates into your hiring tool, add a few details and hit "Send".

Boom 💥 – you're on your way to conducting a job interview!


Is it necessary to include specific dates and times in an interview availability email?

While not exactly necessary, providing specific time slots offers clarity and allows candidates to choose the most suitable option for them. This streamlines the interview scheduling process and keeps the hiring process as a whole moving forward. If the times you proposed don't work, it's thoughtful to request some alternative options from the candidate (within a specified time frame) so you can find a convenient time for both of you.

How soon should I expect candidates to respond to the interview availability email?

Ideally, candidates should respond within a few days. However, consider including/allowing a reasonable time frame, as unexpected circumstances or scheduling conflicts may arise.

What should I do if a candidate doesn't respond to the interview availability email?

You can give the candidate a gentle nudge by sending a follow-up email. Although we often think candidates will be jumping at the chance for an interview, the reality is that they may have other commitments (like their current job or caregiving responsibilities) that have taken precedence. Or the email you sent may have accidentally ended up in their spam folder! Whatever the circumstance is, give them the benefit of the doubt, send an empathetic email and provide alternative time slots to reschedule the interview.

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