Employer Branding
The Art of Work
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The Art of Work

Exploring company culture, employer branding, work/life balance and office rituals at design-minded companies all over the world, brought to you by the folks of Homerun.

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A series of educative and inspiring guides

Step up your hiring game with our inspiring series of Homerun guides, packed with practical tips and advice on topics like employer branding, diversity & inclusion and job interviewing.

Willem van Roosmalen
Co-founder, Homerun

Homerun's Guide to
Diversity & Inclusion

How to become more inclusive and diverse as a company.

Homerun's Guide to
Job Interviewing

An extensive guide to stepping up your interviewing game.

Homerun's Guide to
Employer Branding

A modern guide to stepping up your Employer Brand.

"The Art of Work is our attempt to start a conversation about the secret of every success: people."

Willem van Roosmalen, Co-founder Homerun
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Hearing other people’s experiences helps us all learn, which is why we’d love you to join the conversation at the The Art of Work and help us all grow and carry on the good work.

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