How TNW brought peace to a chaotic hiring process with Homerun.

Homerun has become the central point of communication between the candidates and the TNW hiring team, hiring 100 people in 2 years time.

Joanna Szot

Joanna Szot
Head of People

Signý Valgarðsdóttir

Signý Valgarðsdóttir
People operations

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Streamlining the hiring process

Before Homerun: Hiring 100 roles in 2 years time means that structure becomes a MUST.

As the TNW team grew larger, hiring started taking more and more time. Each hire has a hiring team of up to 6 people that differs depending on the role. Having inconsistent hiring workflows per team was chaotic and made it impossible to measure the success of our hiring.

With Homerun: Homerun is the central point where communication about candidates happens.

Homerun offers a Kanban style candidate overview. This is where People ops can see in one glance which candidates are in which hiring stage. This way they know exactly who to schedule an interview with. Managers will let the People ops team know what questions should be asked in a phone-screening by adding them to the candidate notes.

Example of the Kanban style overview page with candidates and stages.

Joanna Szot

"Whenever I want to know the status of an open role I don't need to have a call with everyone involved in the hiring process. I can just look in Homerun and see where we are. This transparency is very useful."


A more seamless candidate experience

Before Homerun: Candidates were sometimes slipping through the cracks.

TNW has always been lucky to get a lot of high-quality candidates for their roles because people love the brand. This meant that at first, there wasn't a need to structure the process which led to candidates sometimes having to wait a month for a first reply.

With Homerun: TNW created a great hiring experience with Homerun.

The People ops team pops into the Homerun dashboard once a week to gently nudge the managers to reply if it's been too long. The first reply status is helpful for the managers to see who is still waiting. Now on average replies only take 10 days.

Signý Valgarðsdóttir

"The entire TNW team cares genuinely about the candidates that apply. Homerun helps us reflect this value in our hiring process."

Screenshot of First reply status feature feature in Homerun

Example of the first reply status in the candidate overview list.


Beautifully branded job posts

Before Homerun: Job posts were all over the place when it came to design and copy.

There were no guidelines on what to write in a job post or what job posts should look like. This meant job posts differed between teams. Sometimes they were really creative and sometimes less so. Either way, there was no consistency there.

With Homerun:
Templates help job posts align with the TNW brand.

Making sure all of the job posts match the TNW brand is important. That's why a draft template was created in Homerun's no-code Live Editor including custom fonts, color palette, tailored layout and even a social share image. This makes it really easy for managers to post new jobs that are on-brand and that let the company culture shine through.

The Next Web job post design

TNW's real job post with custom font, brand colours and images.

Joanna Szot

"I was shocked by how pretty Homerun was when I first started working with it. I was used to these old corporate job descriptions with only bullet points and that's it."