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How to convince your boss you need Homerun to improve your hiring

Looking to convince a manager you need Homerun to improve your hiring? We’ve got you covered. Use this rundown to help you get the final approval.

How to convince your boss you need Homerun to improve your hiring

TL;DR: Here's an email template you can send to your boss that will convince them why you need Homerun.


So you liked your free trial of Homerun enough that you're ready to activate your account? Great! We're flattered that you think Homerun will help you with your hiring. For the record, we think it will too!

But here's the deal, you need to convince the person upstairs, the boss, your manager -or whoever- that this is worth putting on the company credit card.

Because let's face it, as much as you might pride yourself about how flat your company is, and the amount of responsibility you have in your role, sometimes you still need to convince the person in charge of the money that you need to spend some of it. And fair enough!

So we don't need to explain to you why Homerun is helpful. You wouldn't be here if you didn't see the benefit of it already. But we will put it into terms that might speak to your boss.

If your boss is even a tiny bit more business savvy than Michael Scott then it's an easy case to make. If they are like Micheal Scott, I don't know if we can help you. But maybe try this tactic to distract them while you just go ahead and activate your Homerun account:

Just kidding of course. In all seriousness your boss is probably a reasonable person and they just need a to-the-point request explaining what Homerun is and what the benefit of it is to you and the company. So here's just that:

What is Homerun?

Homerun is hiring software where all of hiring comes together. It's the place where you create and publish job posts, where candidates apply, where applications are stored, where you evaluate candidates and where you correspond with candidates. It's all extremely well organized and it's a much better alternative to using email and spreadsheets to organize your hiring.

Here's a short video that gives you the gist:

Reasons why hiring should be taken seriously enough to invest in it

When it comes to hiring the stakes are high. Sometimes it's important to understand exactly how high in order to realize that it's important to improve your hiring workflow and spend some money in the process:

  • The average cost per hire is around €4500 and it's even more for senior jobs. The less time you spend on hiring the lower this number gets. That's why investing in improving your hiring process is a business savvy thing to do. Because the thing this is, you're spending money on hiring whether it's intentional or not.
  • Your team is the number one thing that's going to determine the succes of your company. Focusing your time, money and attention on hiring the right people will be reflected in your teams performance as well the company culture and ultimately what you'll achieve as a company. Hiring is not to be taken lightly.
  • Hiring the wrong person can have a huge (negative) impact on the company. First of all, it means you're paying the cost per hire twice on top of the on-boarding and off-boarding costs. Not to mention the months you lose trying to make it work and the negative energy this brings to your team. Once again a reason why hiring should not be taken lightly.

Reasons why Homerun will help your business

  • Homerun saves time (and money): Searching for information that's scattered over different tools and platforms is one of the most time consuming things you do at work. By using Homerun you're saving that time because everything is stored in one place (applications, job posts, templates, emails with candidates, the list goes on...). With Homerun you can also more easily reach and attract candidates. This all leads to a lower time to hire. We don't need to tell you that the faster you hire the faster you can grow your business. Time is money after all.
  • You'll attract higher quality talent: One of the hardest things about hiring is getting talent to realize that your company is a great place to work. With Homerun it's simple to develop and improve your employer brand so that talent is motivated to apply to your jobs. You can do this with great looking job posts and a career page that you don't need any tech skills to build.
  • Your team will be more involved in hiring: Less frustration from hiring disorganisation means that your team will be more excited about joining in on hiring. Hiring as a team is super important for finding the right people and getting them to join the team.
  • You'll be able to provide a great candidate experience: Candidates will have nothing but nice things to say about your company even if they get rejected. This is because no candidates will get lost in the depths of some shared email inbox. Homerun helps your team keep track of candidates, respond to them on time and guide them through a well structured hiring process.
  • Your team can focus on what matters: You might not be in a position where you want to hire a recruiter. This means you and your team are responsible for hiring along side your main roles. The organization and clarity that Homerun provides means your team can give hiring the attention it deserves without it getting in the way of other important tasks and projects.

The other nitty-gritty need to knows about Homerun

  • It's affordable: It's €19 euros per active job opening per month. Let's say you're hiring three roles a year and it takes about 2 months to fill these roles, then it costs you only €114 a year.
  • GDPR compliant: Homerun allows you to hire in a completely GDPR compliant way.
  • No training needed: It's actually really easy to use, so no training is needed for you or your team. You really don't have to be tech savvy to use Homerun.
  • The set up is quick: It doesn't take a time investment of a couple weeks to start using Homerun. You can set it up today and start hiring tomorrow.
  • You're in good company: Companies like Buffer, WeTransfer, Blendle, Tidal and many more use Homerun for their hiring. Join the club!

Show, don't tell

As convincing as these reasons might be, sometimes it's better to show instead of tell. So here are a few handy strategies you can try to help your boss quickly understand the value of Homerun:

  • Create a job post in Homerun complete with rich job blocks, a job description and apply form and send it over to your boss. Ask them to apply to see how friendly the experience is for candidates.
  • Invite your boss to a hiring team in Homerun. If you do this after they've submitted their fake application, ask them to rate their own application and respond to it to see how organized and well structured the dashboard and correspondence is from that side.
  • Go ahead and activate your account and start hiring for your next open role. This means asking for forgiveness instead of permission. You're likely to get at least a couple of applications in your first month of using Homerun. It's an easy case to make to your boss to say: "Here are 3 qualified candidates we can invite for an interview and it cost us €19 euros to get them with Homerun." You're bound to get this reaction:

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