28 Vital Social Media Manager Interview Questions for 2024

The role of a Social Media Manager has evolved in a big way in recent years, shaped by the dynamic landscape of digital platforms like TikTok, and even the re-brand of a certain bird-themed app. 👀 🤭 A business’s online presence is truly more important than ever, so hiring the right Social Media Manager is crucial for any company's success.

To help you make the right choice, we've compiled a comprehensive list of interview questions for a Social Media Manager designed to uncover the skills, experience and qualities you should look for in a candidate.

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  • <a href="#project-management">Time and project management questions</a>
  • <a href="#reporting">Reporting, analytics and goal-setting interview questions</a>
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Your candidate is also interviewing you about what it is like to work at your company. They need to feel confident in their decision to join your team. Whether you’re an in-house recruiter or a hiring manager, be ready to answer candidate questions and share information that’d get them excited about accepting an offer to be your next Social Media Manager.

General Social Media Manager interview questions

Before you can get into the nitty-gritty details in a Social Media Manager interview, you first have to understand the basics of the candidate’s knowledge and experience in social media management.

<div id="general">1. Can you tell us about the social media platforms you’ve used for specific roles?</div>

Ask this question to truly understand the platforms your job candidate has experience with and what they might be the most comfortable using. The purpose of asking this interview question is to see if their experience aligns with the social media sites your company is using (or wants to make better use of!). Keep in mind that all social media platforms can be learned too so try not to shrug off a candidate if they have, say, more experience with X (formerly Twitter) than LinkedIn.

2. Tell us about a social media campaign you managed from concept to execution. What were the key challenges, and how did you overcome them?

This question assesses the candidate's ability to plan, execute and troubleshoot a complete social media campaign. Their answer will give you insight into their project management and problem-solving skills.

3. How do you stay updated with the latest social media trends and algorithm changes? How have you applied this knowledge to improve a company's social media strategy?

This is a great question to help you evaluate a candidate's commitment to ongoing learning and their capacity to adapt strategies based on evolving trends and algorithms. It’s no surprise that social media websites are changing seemingly every day [cough cough, Threads and X] and the ideal candidate will be interested in staying on top of those changes.

4. Can you provide an example of a successful crisis management situation you handled on social media? How did it impact the brand's reputation?

When there’s a crisis at a company, the social platforms are often the first to respond and perform some damage control. This question examines the candidate's crisis communication skills, ability to think under pressure and their impact on brand reputation.

5. Describe a time when you had to manage multiple social media platforms for different clients or brands simultaneously. How did you prioritize tasks and ensure consistency in messaging?

Managing multiple social media channels (especially if you have multiple brands) is a difficult job. You’ll want to gauge the candidate's multitasking abilities and their approach to maintaining brand consistency across various platforms — this interview question helps you do just that.

6. How do you measure the success of a social media campaign beyond likes and shares?

This question assesses the candidate's ability to link social media efforts to tangible business outcomes and their strategic thinking.

7. How would you describe our brand and voice?

This question in particular will help you understand what the candidate already knows about your company and how much they prepared for the interview. They may not get it completely right but if a candidate wants to manage your social media presence, they’ll have done their research and looked at your social profiles in advance to see if it’s the right fit for them.

8. What are your favorite brands on social right now and why?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question! But, the goal of asking this is to see how in touch your candidate is with the social media landscape and to get an idea of what styles and social media content they are personally most interested in or inspired by.

9. Describe your communication style.

The answer to this interview question can help you as a hiring manager determine if your candidate’s communication style will work well with that of your team or company. Keep an ear out for signs that they’re communicative, whether that’s in person, on Slack or through comments in collaborative documents. Be sure to share your communication style too!

10. Describe your experience with user-generated content (UGC) campaigns on social media. How have you leveraged UGC to enhance brand engagement and visibility?

User-generated content campaigns can be powerful and really cost-effective for a small team. This question assesses the candidate's creativity and effectiveness in putting UGC to use to benefit a brand.

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Team collaboration interview questions

Effective collaboration is essential for a Social Media Manager. These questions assess a candidate's ability to work with other departments, foster teamwork and creativity, and resolve conflicts within their team. These skills ensure that the social media strategy is aligned with broader business goals.

<div id="collaboration">11. Tell us about a collaboration experience where you worked closely with other departments on a social media project. What was your role and what was the outcome?</div>

A Social Media Manager has to be able to work with other teams, whether it’s customer support or marketing. This interview question can help you assess the candidate's collaboration abilities and how they work with others to achieve overarching objectives.

12. How do you foster a collaborative and creative atmosphere within your social media team? Can you provide an example of how you've done this in the past?

Ask for an example of how the job candidate has fostered a collaborative atmosphere in a previous role. You’ll get a look at their leadership skills and their capacity to inspire creativity and teamwork.

13. Share an experience where you had to resolve conflicts within your social media team. How did you approach the situation, and what was the outcome?

This question evaluates the candidate's conflict resolution and team management skills. If they don’t have an exact example of this from their past work, you can rephrase the question and ask how they would resolve a conflict if there was one.

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Time and project management interview questions for a Social Media Manager

Time and project management skills are integral for a Social Media Manager — they enable consistent posting schedules, timely responses and effective campaign execution. Be on the lookout for this skillset in your interviews so that your brand's social media presence remains responsive and aligned with company goals.

<div id="project-management">14. Discuss an especially tricky social media project you managed with tight deadlines. How did you organize it all in order to meet the timeline without compromising quality?</div>

This is an opportunity to evaluate the candidate's project management skills, especially when faced with time constraints and competing priorities. Online trends move fast but Social Media Managers move faster!

15. How do you handle content scheduling and planning to ensure a consistent social media presence?

This question investigates the candidate's content planning and scheduling strategies for maintaining consistency and audience engagement. Ideally, they should provide you with a real-life example of how they've done this in previous roles.

16. Tell us about your experience with budget management for social media campaigns. How do you stay on budget while achieving campaign goals?

Pose this question to help you determine the candidate's ability to manage budgets efficiently and maximize results within financial constraints.

17. How do you stay balanced in order to avoid burnout?

Managing a business’ social media presence is a lot of responsibility and burnout is very real. Due to the fast-paced nature of social media and the “always on” nature of the job, Social Media Managers are at risk of suffering from burnout. Ask this question to get an idea of how the candidate balances their priorities in life and how they’ve learned to take care of their mental health in the workplace. This will also give you insight into what they might need from their manager and workplace in order to help with maintaining a healthy balance.

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Reporting, analytics and goal-setting interview questions

A Social Media Manager isn’t going anywhere in their career without solid reporting, analytics and goal-setting skills. It’s a huge part of the job and a key aspect of demonstrating their success in their role. Your candidate should be able to discuss key performance indicators (KPIs), tools they’ve used, how they measure the success of their campaigns and more.

<div id="reporting">18. Share an experience where you used social media analytics to identify opportunities for improvement in a campaign. What actions did you take based on the insights you gained?</div>

This question assesses the candidate's proficiency in data analysis and their capability to translate insights into actionable social media strategies. Social media is a constantly changing game and the right candidate will be able to roll with the punches.

19. How do you track and measure the ROI of social media efforts? Can you provide an example of a campaign where your analytics-driven approach led to significant results?

A strong Social Media Manager candidate should be able to speak confidently about the ROI of their social media work. They should also know how to measure the success of their efforts and speak about their track record of delivering measurable results.

20. Can you explain your approach to A/B testing on social media? Share an example of a test you conducted and the outcomes it produced.

A/B testing is a critical aspect of optimizing social media strategies. If this is a skill set you’re looking for in your new manager, use this question to understand their experience with A/B testing and what they’ve learned in the past.

21. Can you tell us about your experience with social media listening tools? How have you used them to gather insights and adjust strategies in real time?

Data-driven skills like social listening are the sign of an experienced and capable Social Media Manager. This interview question assesses the candidate's familiarity with social media listening tools and their ability to adapt strategies based on real-time data.

22. Can you explain your approach to social media goal-setting? How do you make sure that your strategies align with the company's overarching objectives?

This question assesses the candidate's ability to set measurable goals and align social media efforts with broader company goals — a hugely important aspect of managing social media channels.

23. Describe a time when you didn’t achieve a goal you were aiming for. What did you do and what did you learn from the situation?

This question works for any role but is especially useful to ask a Social Media Manager candidate. Their answer will help you understand how they think about professional setbacks and how they approach difficulties when they aren’t doing as well as they hope.

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<div id="situational">Situational interview questions</div>

Situation interview questions are a fantastic way to get inside your candidate's head and get a feeling of how they approach various challenges and roadblocks in their everyday work.

24. Imagine a scenario where a negative social media post about your company goes viral. What steps would you take to address the situation and minimize any damage?

A negative social media post or two about a company is an inevitable (and unfortunate) reality of having an online brand presence. 😬 This question assesses the candidate's crisis management strategy and their ability to handle challenging hypothetical, but also realistic scenarios.

25. Let’s say you discover that a competitor has launched a hugely successful social media campaign that's gaining traction in your industry. How would you respond to this competitive challenge, and what actions would you take to regain the edge?

This question will help you assess the candidate's strategic thinking and their approach to competitive analysis. It’s a unique situational question that will shine a light on their strategic mind.

26. Can you tell us about a time you received negative feedback from a colleague or manager? How did you handle it?

Your candidate’s ability to take on negative feedback to improve themselves is integral to their personal growth. Their response to this question can show you how they work with others and how open they are to their own development.

27. Describe a time when you could have communicated better. What did you learn from it and how would you approach a similar situation next time?

It’s only human to make mistakes, especially when it comes to communication. With this interview question, you’re looking for cues that your candidate has learned from their miscommunication errors and is aware of where things went wrong in the past.

28. Describe a time when you’ve had to deal with a particularly angry or vocal follower. How did you deal with the situation?

You know the scene — an angry follower lashes out against your brand online and it’s time to craft the perfect response (and fast). For a Social Media Manager, this is one of the biggest challenges in their job. It can often feel like a personal attack so listen out for how your candidate moves past the hurt and presents the brand in the best light.

Wrapping up your Social Media Manager interview

By asking these carefully crafted interview questions, you can gain valuable insights into a candidate's skills, experience and mindset. Whether you're evaluating their ability to handle social media crises, stay ahead of digital trends, or foster collaboration, these questions will help you identify the right candidate to lead your social media efforts.

Remember, every question you ask during an interview should align with the specific needs and goals of your company. Tailor your questions to fit your organization’s unique social media challenges and objectives and you’ll be well on your way! 🚀

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