Front-End Developer Job Description

What does a Front-End Developer do? A Front-End Developer closely works with Back-End Developers to create apps and/or sites that combine visual design with functionality. They translate wireframes and prototypes into stylish and interactive (web) apps. Additionally, a Front-End Developer is typically responsible for the front-end elements of a website or app including fixing bugs, implementing mobile site designs and maintaining workflow management. Front-End Developers tend to be tech-savvy professionals with a strong handle on HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

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Front-End Developer

We're looking for a

Front-End Developer

to join

our fully remote and mission driven team.


Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer responsibilities

About the job

As Front-End Developer at <company name>, you'll be responsible for building and maintaining web applications. You'll work with the development team, as well as UX/UI designers and graphic designers. You'll work closely with our back-end and full-stack developers to deliver consistent and reliable web experience. You'll work with our designers to improve usability for our customers. You'll optimize web design for mobile and other platforms for maximum speed. You'll work with designers to ensure high-quality graphic standards and brand consistency. Ultimately, your work will have a direct impact on the user experience of our customers.

Front-End Developer job specification

About the candidate

  • You have experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • You can implement solutions that are user responsive and efficient.
  • You have knowledge of the entire web development process.
  • You know what to do to optimize the speed of a website.
  • You are capable of implementing a resilient web architecture.
  • You have experience with testing and debugging.
  • You have an eye for layout aesthetics.
  • You are analytical and you have a keen eye for details.
  • You have great problem-solving skills and you work well in a team.
  • You're curious about new technologies and you're driven to find ways to implement them in your work.

If junior position:

  • You have a big appetite to learn and improve your front-end skills.

If medior position:

  • You are able to deliver quality features without much supervision all while keeping your team in the loop.

If senior position:

  • You have experience with coaching and mentoring other developers.
  • You can oversee and drive projects forward.

Description of your company

About the company

Example: We're an agency that strongly believes in curiosity, equality and creativity. We love to build digital products in close collaboration with our target audience in order to have a positive impact on the world with tech. We highly value an open mind, collaboration and ownership in our team. So if you take pleasure in trying to solve big societal problems with technology, then join our team of activists, creatives and tech

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Front-End Developer

We're looking for a

Front-End Developer

to join

our fully remote and mission driven team.


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Front-End Developer

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About the company

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Perks & benefits

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DE&I statement

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The hiring process

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Visual elements

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Job application form

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What are the responsibilities of a Front-End Developer?

Front-End Developers are responsible for creating and maintaining the user interface and user experience of websites and web applications. Their duties include coding web pages, optimizing performance, ensuring cross-browser compatibility, and collaborating with designers to implement visual designs and bring them to life online.

Who does a Front-End Developer work with?

Front-End Developers collaborate closely with teams that may include back-end developers, designers, product managers, and quality assurance testers. Effective teamwork and communication skills are very important for project development during the hiring process.

What are the skills and requirements required for a Front-End Developer?

Front-End Developers should have skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Ideally, they should also be comfortable working with front-end libraries and frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js. They should have a good understanding of responsive design, web performance, and page speed optimization, along with version control systems. Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail are also important in a good Front-End Developer candidate.

How do you hire a great Front-End Developer?

To hire a great Front-End Developer, you can get started with these steps:

  • Review their portfolio: Examine their previous work to gauge their skills, creativity, and on-the-job experience.
  • Technical assessment: Use a coding challenge or test to evaluate their coding abilities. Consider compensating them for their time if it requires a lot of work.
  • Conduct a great interview: Ask Front-End Developer interview questions to uncover their experience, problem-solving skills, and familiarity with Front-End Developer tasks.
  • Assess soft skills: Evaluate communication, teamwork, and adaptability during the job interview process.
  • Use a hiring software to bring it all together: An ATS like Homerun brings organization to your hiring process and gives your Front-End Developer candidates the right impression of your company.

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