2020 Product year in review

2020 was a tough year, but we managed to pull through and make some cool stuff too. We're proud of all we've accomplished despite everything.

And we're honoured that you've allowed us to play a role in the building of your team. This year more than any other has shown us the importance of having the right people around you.

This has been the driving force behind all we've built and we wanted to take a moment to look back on the highlights:

Live Editor:

Homerun's Live Editor has really matured this year. We've made improvements and added features all with the goal of helping you show candidates who you really are as a company:

Apply Form:

Finding that right person to join your team means asking the right questions in the right way. This year we've made strides with the apply form to help you with just that:

Boosting your job:

Needless to say, hiring this year has been different. When COVID-19 hit, we came up with a feature that would help those who needed it, to pause hiring while waiting to see how the situation panned out. We added these features so that you could keep an open line with talent despite everything:

Improved Experience:

Elevating your hiring workflow was probably not high on your prio list this year. Luckily it was on ours! We've added some features that make your hiring more seamless, organized and measurable.

Connecting with Candidates:

It hasn't been an easy year for job seekers either. More and more people are on the look out for jobs and application processes can be tough. We've made it easier for you to prioritize the candidate experience so that candidates will have nothing but pleasant things to say about their experience with your company even if it ends in a rejection:

Better notes:

Notes have been through a lot this year (haven't we all?). This glow up has lead to better communication between you and your team. Hiring is something you do together, after all:

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